To our LL Fam:

Aktualisiert: 17. Apr 2020

In years past the sun starts to warm, trees start to bud, boats are prepared for summer outings, and murmurs of Lobsta Land's opening date start to swirl through our amazing community.

Just as you do, we always look forward to our opening weekend. We miss the familiar faces, the stories we missed from our winters apart, and of course, choosing what will be the first meal we will have once the opening day is here.

When we call our customers the LL Fam, it's because we truly are family. We've gone through ups and downs, wins and losses, and together we've built an amazing community centered around good food, drinks, and laughs. Your support has always been unmatched, and we could not be more grateful for you!

We've always considered Lobsta Land's Spring opening to be a sign of the warm weather to come, a hopeful moment, a reminder that you've made it through yet another New England Winter, and you have. We still want to be that sign of Spring, that moment you can look forward to, that spot of light in this trying time. We will have to wait, to hear the laughs echoing from across the restaurant, to get your hug from your favorite server welcoming you back, and to belly up to the bar to share stories.

We will not have to wait to eat delicious food.

We are excited to say that we starting Thursday, April 23rd. we will be doing Takeout for curbside pick up or deliver through Delivery Shark. We will be updating you soon with our takeout menus and hours. This may not be our typical opening weekend but we hope that it finds you well, and gives you that feeling that things are progressing.

This year may be different, but we're the LL Fam, but we are smart and strong. We are resilient, and until we can share a drink and a laugh in our new space, we want to make sure you're still getting your favorite meals. Sunny days are on the horizon LL Fam!

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